Age That I Wish to Get Back to

July 11, 2008

Returning the tagging post about this particular topic from Trisna in my old blog comment, it took me a lot of daydreaming times just to remember exactly what particular age do I want to get back.

Before I talk to much for more chit-chat-$hit, here are the tag requirement

# Title: Age That I Wish To Go Back To

# Requirement:
Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?

# Tag Mode: 4 bloggers (and still counting)
1st – You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd – Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

Without more fuzzy moaning I would like to get back to my twentieth century fox years (late 1998).

What happened on that time?

There was a girl (I knew it… it must be a girl…) whom I deeply in love that time. I think she’s my first love (*cough*).

And.. so…. what happens..??

The relationship were find for a couple month, even both our parents had talk about engangement (not in officially serious way).
But something weird happens. One day we’re both suddenly begins to act weird each other, we stop talking even when I drove her home from college. After a couple days we had a conversation about what happens between us, and, because each of us doesn’t had a clue of what happens we decided to had a time off in our relationship which you could say we broke off in a very peace full way.. πŸ˜›

Thats it?

Of course not, thats only the prelude.
That time I didn’t even knew that I deeply in love with her until the year 2002 when I started to live at a new “kost” (anybody knew what in English “kost” is? boarding room?) where she and her friends had a room across mine. Not for everyday used but only for take a break between classes (or even for a hideout when they got drunk after went to a club).

Hei.. enough about that room, get to the point…

Here we go…..
Because of the situation, we became close again but at that time she’s already had a boy friend (her husband now). Even we knew that we couldn’t get together again but inside we know what we feel.

Ya ya ya…tada tada tada…. and long lost love comeback in a forbidden kind of way.. so?… not that kind of thing… (liar..)
It just, we talk a lot that time, and the thing that why I want to get back to the time when I still with her is; We realize that we love each others and there’s nothing wrong with our relationship that time, it just a miss communication between us. I think there’s something wrong with me that make her angry, so rather than make her irritated or or even mad, I prefer to keep quiet and vice versa.
We laugh when we talk about that, and suddenly we realize that if we didn’t broke up that time maybe we’ll had another story now, we might even got enganged and married.
And the sad things is…
I couldn’t come at her wedding because at that time my cousin also got married and I were one of the person who’s in charge in his wedding (imagined a full ritual of javanese wedding). And now I lost contact with her….

*remembering the last time we talk on the phone, just 2 days before her big day, she’s crying because I can’t come to her wedding….

Darn… This post make me remembering that sweet, saucy and bitter pain.

So… Tris…
Is it enough?

And my tagging victims are…..
Silly, Therry, Rima, Anita

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  1. silly


    how to play this game?


  2. ndilalah

    The title of the post is the topic for you to write, it doesn’t have to be written in English though, You could write it in Bahasa with your “style” Sil.
    After that you tag other people that you know of just like you tag me in that “homework” post..

    looking for your post dear….



  3. Trisna

    (*Sniff) (*Sniff)
    would someone pass the kleenex please… πŸ™
    ehe ehe ehe…

    WOW, relationship between you and her must be really sweet Woel.
    Do you familiar with a quote that saying When you are in love and you get hurt, it’s like a cut… it will heal, but there will always be a scar. i think we all do, and just because something good ends doesn’t mean something better won’t begin.

    What the hell am i talking here?!? why i became all touchy and wisey πŸ˜›

    This post is really GREAT! so sweet πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing it with us. And i surely will wait to see your friends too who’ve been TAGGED by you πŸ™‚


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  5. rimafauzi

    woelank, I have made the tag, you can see it here.

  6. ndilalah

    Glad that you like it Tris, want to replace her?

    Thanks Rim, I read it right away…

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