Future Livingroom

July 29, 2008

When I read my friend blog about this particular post makes me wonder, Is it really gonna happen?

see how internet change things.
When the price of notebook decrease like the eee pc things or maybe more cheaper in the future, and wifi already covering the whole house.

would we still have some quality chit chat with our family in the livingroom?
or maybe the situation like the one in the photograph will apeared more and more…

Imagine, when you all sit in the livingroom together, but talking via Instant messaging rather than from your mouth, sigh…
You had a confrence with your family at Instant messaging in your own livingroom?

Would you prefer this things happens or would you try to prevent it?
For me…
Maybe I’ll have a multiplayer game with my kids in the livingroom, the girl vs the boys….

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  1. Trisna

    would we still have some quality chit chat with our family in the livingroom?

    😆 😆 easy question… the answer is nooooo…
    whenever i met my bro and sister all we do is keep fighting and all seems like either this ( * * * ) ~ censored… or this %$@%$!!@!!@%#!!

    When we apart, like when we’re at our office… we turn our YM and we go :mrgreen: holaaah… what’s uppp.. tell me what happened and blah blah blah 😉

  2. woelank

    That’s why I came up with this topic (my friend first actually).

    How many times do we had quality times with our family nowadays…

    Its already lack of it due today lifestyles,
    and if this continues with the habits of online “everywhere anywhere” to the sacred family livingroom,
    no more heart to heart children to parents conversation…..

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