Sing To The Dawn

August 2, 2008

Wait.. Wulang’s going to sing all night long?
Hahahahahaha… nope! you wish…
That’s a title of a movie, an animation movie. Why Do I talk about this particular movie? it’s because…
This movie was almost made in and by Indonesian (there are still some singaporean and some expert from hollywood).
The movie begins production in 2005 if I’m not mistaken (I applied in that year and.. Failed.. Hahahahahaha…..), all the production were made in Infinite Frameworks Studios in Batam, from scratch to post pro.
Yeah, its a real Animation studios, you could almost compare it with those big budget hollywood studios, hei… almost 100 people working in a beautiful resort, with top of the line hardware, you could tell this a real animations studios… 😀

Curious with the movie? you could see the websites for the trailer, here and here for some reviews, or you could see some youtube about it..

and this

why there are no Indonesian review?
shoot me, maybe Indonesian media doesn’t acknowledge their own countrymen effort or there were some but sinking below sinetron or other infotainment news…

The movie posters already posted in Golden Village Singapore since last year, and the movie premiere were suppose to be taken in september in Singapore, and in Indonesia it self, I don’t know..

The movie it self were based on Singapore best selling novel “Sing of The Dawn” by Minfong Ho, if I’m not mistaken, its about the story of Singapore girl fighting for her right for to basic education and making true her dreams.
But hei, why not about Indonesian people? since we’re the one who make it.
The answer is simple. MONEY…
This movies budget were around US$5 million, and its production were around 3 or 4 years to complete. Which Indonesian publisher would spend that much of money for that long?
And, since it was Singapore media who own the budget, than its their right which stories that comes up.
Maybe in the future we could see Lutung Kasarung or Timun Emas in Hollywood theatre

the movie it self already went publishing in cannes for the first SouthEast Asian animation movies that goes for world wide audience, so for those Indonesian expat everywhere, don’t forget to watch this movie in your local theatre…
When? I don’t know….

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