Putri Indonesia di Miss Universe 2010

August 26, 2010

yeah… gue dulu pernah komen soal Putri Indonesia 2007 … berhubung skr lg puasa jadi ga ada komen, cukup nggerumet dlm hati aja yah…

Dengar, baca dan artikan sendiri….

the transcript

Being a woman, what piece of advice would you give to a man?

I think that when you down, your woman can make you up. And I think that, woman can be said that I have to advice for you that ummm…. if you way up, you have to be nice to people include women. So that when you down, women can be nice with you….

What is the best gift you have ever received?

The best gift somebody ever given to me is the one box but the tartars ( * ) is not look good or beautiful but it’s have a sounds, a beautiful sounds that makes me love the music, I love the music now. Now, I’m a singer and I’m study at singer for jazz, for classical and of course for pop. That is makes me know what I want to do. That makes me know what I love it. That makes me know what jobs or what kind of activities that I love it.

What is the worst date you have ever been on?

In one restaurant, and that is the date that I know he was a playboy. So he have three girlfriends, including me (at first I thought she said “and doing me” for ‘including me’), but before that I know that they have more than one-hundred girlfriends. It’s very bad, but I know the good is now he always care for me and can be a best friend for me. He always protect me, please Qory don’t like me, don’t same like me, you are a nice girl, so he never touch me, you know like a playboy, but umm, he always make me comfortable in inside her ( ** ) and yeah, it’s a very, very bad, bad date, but he inspiring me to be a tough woman.

Inget lagi puasa… no komen… no komen… no komen…. (ergh…)


* tartars menurut wikipedia itu suatu suku ….. di dalem box (kotak) ???
** … he always make me comfortable in inside her <– ini jd org ketiga nonton doang atau….. ber”tiga” ????

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  1. to mister maybe

    On “the one box but the tartars..” perhaps referring to a stained musical box available everywhere at the gift shop. You’re not familiar with it, are you?

    “he always make me comfortable in inside her”
    literally was putting her inside a woman’s womb. That’d practically impossible, given her age and/or size, wouldnt it? On thing about english, you cannot always use indonesian dictionary to get the meaning of one said per se.
    I dont even understand your intention by commenting: “ini jd org ketiga nonton doang atau….. ber”tiga” ????”
    If you’d like to play a “Holier than thou” spirit, you might as well picked the line ““and doing me”” as it is literally means “screwed/fucked me”. But again, whats the point for a self righteous opinion?
    you’re fostering your cement waiting for one right person yau can share with? thats your decision. everyone have their own way to express their sexuality, their feeling about love and relationship, the way you will not always agree upon, but its their decision too. what make you so important to undervalue their decision?

    Poor languange on her behalf, thats all about it. There’s no issue to be addressed or discussed any further.

    • woelank

      Beginilah resiko kalo gue bikin komen yg aga2 gemana pasti reaksinya keras juga yah… :D

      @to mister maybe
      – gue cukup familiar kok sama kotak musik tersebut, punya malah..
      dari keseluruhan paragraf yg dia bilang bisa ketahuan kok kalo dia ngomongin kotak musik. tapi seandainya ngomongnya “the tartars music box” kan lebih jelas daripada “the one box but the tartars” yg dgn pake “but” udah bikin berbeda pengertian kan?
      krn buat orang biasa pasti langsung nyari pengertian tartars itu apaan, yg dilihat adalah satu kata tersebut bukan keseluruhan kalimat…

      – “he always make me comfortable in inside her” secara harafiah memang seperti yang anda katakan, walaupun gue tau maksud aslinya kalo si qory tuh ngerasa nyaman dengan cowonya.
      “ini jd org ketiga nonton doang atau……ber”tiga” ????” ketiga atau bertiga ini gue ambil dari he, me, dan her. dari kalimat disitu aja udah memperlihatkan ada tiga orang yg dibahas, dan kalo gue ngambil “threesome expression” disini.. hei.. ada 1 laki 2 cewe dan yg salah satu “comfortable in inside her”.. ambil kesimpulan aja sendiri jadi gemana

  2. to mister maybe

    Fasting or not, you held a black campaign against a person in ramadhan. isnt it forbidden according to islamic tradition?

    You’re typical moslem’s holier-than-thou behavior is so vastly disgusting. Man made mistakes. Any man. Learn to live with it.

    • woelank

      Black campaign?
      maaf… saya ngasi transcript dan 2 personal komen dari video youtube yang diupload oleh OFFICIAL MISS UNIVERSE CHANNEL di youtube.
      apakah itu black campaign?
      komen saya pun masih teramat lebih normal daripada komen2 yang ada diyoutube sana….dan… yang saya beri note adalah KALIMAT, bukan ke orangnya. Malah anda yang dalam komen anda yg berkata macam2 yg tidak relevan dgn apa yang saya tulis di note

      Sinner-than-thou mungkin kalo holier udah pasti engga….
      saya tidak menutup2i apa yang saya suka dan tidak.. apakah anda membaca tulisan2 dan komen2 saya yang lain di web ini? saya rasa pasti tidak…
      Saya tidak munafik dan membantah kalau saya membuat “dirty joke” di dlm note saya, tapi bukan tanpa sebab.

    • perfect benji

      @ to mister maybe : seems that you want to be a very positive person in here, looks like you were clearing out all the mistakes and / or misinterpreted by her do or saying at miss. universe pageant. Reading from your comments attacking the writer here, looks like you were her bitch slave who is trying so hard to clear her name which is not very good or right. People has a right to say anything, he has the right to announce his disappointment, more over all of Indonesian citizen hoping she would bring a good name to her country. Which is failed big time. What she did at ms.Universe pageant was STUPID and IDIOTIC, she should ask for a translator for her poor language.

      No need to bring up islamic rules either. You’re not a good religious type of person anyway, like what you just said, any man made mistakes, live with it. I bet the writer is live in it, but it’s his right to announce his disappointment, besides he didn’t comment bad things about that stupid Miss.Indonesia

      • to mister maybe

        @perfect benji,
        I personally DO NOT deny the fact that this woman strongly need more education. what i deem inappropriate was when the writer suggesting his personal view about her sexual life. His disappointment based on linguistic, so lets stay there, make it where it belongs.

        No, I am not her bitch or anything.. barely knew anything about her/pageant things until i read this post.
        There’s no need to agree/disagree based on my own preferences, let alone relationship. I’m not typical “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” or vice versa.

  3. perfect benji

    Hi Woelank,
    I’d say let’s not put blame on miss. Indonesia, i am more concern on those miss.Indonesia’s pageant judges when they choose a representative from Indonesia. Do they really have a clear guidelines on the requirement like IQ above 130.

    I wish judges of the next miss Indonesia will not only choosing a pretty dumb woman. hear hear!

  4. to mister maybe

    Btw, I agree about the guidelines and/or the judges credibility. They should be put into question. What kind of test could shed this catastrophic result?

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