Trisna & Wulang’s Blogger’s Wedding

July 28, 2011


We started talking in Blog Catalogue discussion group 4 years ago.He recognize me as a white lil’ hamster blogger, because i use a cutey little hamster as my picture profile while i knew him as a silly man wears blangkon who keep on changing his blog theme every week.

Aside of he keep doing that until now; changing his blog theme, after having conversation for months we finally meet and have been together ever since.

The love we have just continue to grow and it is beautiful. Although a year later, we found some of our old pictures where we hang out with our friends and turns out we’ve already known each otherΒ  years ago, way before we meet as a blogger.

As the days spent as two birds falling in love like silly teens, both of us realized. Perhaps we were meant to be together. We had filling up our hearts with hope and lifting our souls together since the day we become a couple.


Wulang found the last piece of puzzle when he proposed to me nearly 00:00 am. It was almost to January 1st 2010.

He asked me secretly when both of us were standing on his house balcony while waiting for the firework to start. And right after saying “Yes” to him, hundred fireworks ignited by the local kids around his house to celebrate New Year of 2011.

It was very fascinating and amazing and it was my best New Year’s eve i’ve ever had. It’s just like whole world also celebrating our night blissfulness.

July 17th 2010 - Engagement Party

We were engaged formally 7 months after he proposed. Both families finally meet and they had been getting really well.

Once we set the date, we pretty much had an ideal time frame in mind, we wanted at least 12 months to save and organize our dream wedding, which is held in July 17th 2011.

We decided on a traditional themed of our before fathers originally came from; Java island. Although, we could choose Sundanese or Makassar ceremonies too. But, because both of us like black color and we couldn’t have a Gothic wedding considering both of our parents are a little bit conventional type of parents. We decided to choose a Javanese Jogjakarta wedding traditions because of their glamorous black and gold theme.


I was so lucky to have so much help from my Mum and my older Sister as they did a lot of running around and organizing while i were unable to. But me and Wulang did finding vendors for the wedding, starting from taste test of the reception food to watching the wedding singer performance in someone else’s wedding.

While everybody is busy with planning my wedding day, we had fun with our pre-wedd photo shoot. It was taken in my hometown and the concept is casual, hang out style with little bit culinary quest.

''Wow we're finally here..."

"There's no turning back..."

"We're going to spend our life together, forever..."

"Let's fill our days with laughter"

"I'm going to cook you dinner after work every day..."

"We are two sneaky lil hamster..."

We had decided on the reception being a King and Queen for a day on the stage at the main center of South Jakarta where we can hosted 1000 people with the help of a professional caterers and wedding organizer.Β It was a huge auditorium hall near the outer ring road so that everybody can come easily via tollway.

The theme was with chandelier and fairy lights and little bird cages in several spot as we wanted to create a romantic yet elegance atmosphere that wasn’t dictated by the venue room. With the help of Sylvia from “Janur Kuning” we were able to extract the visions in my imagination and turn them into exquisite reality.

"You know what's my favorite drink right?"

"Feels like we were in Japan"

"We've got long long way to go together..."

"Wedding day is near, and we're so excited..."

All in all, the planning went very smooth thanks to our Wedding Organizer. Wulang and I agreed on everything and had no real dramas at all. We were able to meet our key organizers once again and make any final arrangements and confirm details. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment planning the wedding and would do it all again in an instant!

Hopefully it wasn’t mine… again…


We had three ceremonies and one reception. Two ceremonies were at our home and funny is that both of our home is sharing the same address; Garuda street. What a coincidence right? The third ceremonies were held at the auditorium hall and a reception to follow afterwards.

Reading Quran with my mom's friends and the orphans

Singing shalawat with drums

Ustadz Najamuddin speaks about being a good wife and mother to their children

This is me listening carefully to Ustadz Najamuddin

Dad and mom -- dodol dawet (so cute!)

"ma... please forgive my sin..."

Hmmm... yellow is good on me huh ^_^

My Grandpa

Man..! i love orange! ^_^v

Weeee... i hold lots of kereweng... and i don't know what kereweng is... LOL

i love my parents so much πŸ˜€

My sista, sis in law and aunty..


Finally, on July 17th.

The whole morning I couldn’t grasp the concept that this was actually my wedding day! I remember feeling exceptionally calm and relaxed, but at the same time excited like a little girl.

The morning flew by, i already at the building and before I knew it all the crew had arrived and getting ready. Can’t explain it, but the crew had done an amazing work. They done it all right on schedule, no mistakes and i’m very happy to see the result.

Me and Wulang had both been waiting a long time for this moment, and after all this time with all the planning, it had finally come together. Now it’s the time for us to do the “Ijab Qobul” ceremony

Wulang may looks a little bit nervous but he hide it really well. He pronounced everything clearly and firmly. And yes, we are then pronounced as husband and wife.

Believe it or not, it only need 2,5 hours to do a complete makeup from scratch... amazing!

Woohoo... he didn't look nervous at all... good!

Keep smiling... keep smiling... and don't forget to breathe... LOL

That wasn't me crying... seriously...

Hmmm... Why the ring looks soooo small?... ^0^

Hey!... we finally get married...

Wow... look at flowers behind me... the size is almost as big as my head!

With my mom and dad... hee hee hee...

With my new mom and dad... ho ho ho...

Our wedding reception was just stunning; fairy lights and candles adorned in absolute elegance and the entire hall were glowing with lights, just the way i wanted it.Β I could see the guests walked across the red carpet to reach us at the stage and congratulate us as the newly weds.

All i could say that day was so special for me and for both of us. To have everyone there that was close to us and who we share our lives with.

After an hour celebrations Wulang and I wandered around and spoke to everyone at the hall which was lovely. We thanked them personally for coming.

dum dum dee dee dum... rum dee rum dee...

"hon... look at the camera... there... at your 1 o'clock"

Holding my breathe wont' make me look slim (HA HA)... so...

I love this photo very much...

Over all the day was just a fairytale wedding that couldn’t have been more perfect. And I have to say million thanks to all of my wedding vendors and the rest of people who involved at my wedding event.

But of course i had not been more gracious to one and only Almighty God Allah SWT, yesterday me and Wulang are finally rejoice in the glory of love; marriage. And only Allah has giving us such gracious luck and blessing because everything went smooth and perfectly well, Phew~


Brothers & Sisters

My Sister Uchie
My Brother Sam
My Sister in law Esti

Wedding Traditional Bridal
Griya Rias Koentarie
Mrs. Dewi Koentarie, Mrs. Tatiek & Ms. Yanti

Wedding Decoration
Janur Kuning Art Decoration
Mrs. Ephie Sylvia

Wedding Photography
Korrner Photography
Mr. Karli

Wedding Caterer
Yvonne’s Catering
Mrs. Nana & Mrs. Wani

Wedding Entertainer
Blitz Wedding Singer
Mrs. Valeria

Wedding Organizer
Delima Communication EO
Mr. Norman

International MC
Mr. Engkai

Food & Beverages GM of Grand Indonesia
Mr. Raditya Pungky Agung

And the crew

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  1. niQue

    saya juga tuh foto yg 3sna suka πŸ˜€ sama foto yg kayak di Jepun tuh … kerenlah pokoknya!

    great! sekarang tinggal meniti hari2,s emoga awet, rukun selalu dan segera dikaruniai momongan yak, klo yg terakhir ini lomba berdoa kita, siapa yangduluan dikasi ama Allah heehhehe …

    sekali lagi SELAMAT MENEMPUH HIDUP BARU yaaa

    • trisna

      terima kasih banyak nique…. πŸ˜€

  2. Asop

    Alhamdulillah… saya ikut senang atas kelancaran segala proses pertunangan dan pernikahan Mbak. πŸ™‚

    Foto2 itu semua adalah hal yang patut dikenang. πŸ˜₯

    Semoga langgeng hingga akhir hayat ya, MBak. Saya turut berdoa, Aamiin! πŸ™‚

    • trisna

      Thank you asooopppp πŸ˜€

  3. Cahya

    Selamat ya Mbak, semoga menjadi keluarga yang senantiasa dipersatukan dalam kebahagiaan, keharmonisan dan kesejahteraan :).

    Pertanyaan selanjutnya, kapan akan gendong si kecil? :).

    • trisna

      terima kasih mas… amieen amieeeeeen…
      kapan gendong si kecil? #persisiklan
      insya allah deh… tergantung yang diatas ngasihnya kapan… huehehehe…

  4. dita

    Selamat mbak!!! :))
    Aku jg suka bgt tuh foto yg terakhir. Semoga langgeng dan bahagia selalu ya πŸ™‚

    • trisna

      terima kasih banyak dita… πŸ˜€ hehehe

  5. nurul

    semoga sakinah mawadah warahmah…

    “membuat sebuah komitmen itu sulit, tapi lebih sulit lagi ketika harus menjaganya tetap ada dan menjadi abadi”

    barakallahu lakum

  6. Tiara Putri

    wah cantiknya mbak πŸ˜€ selamat ya
    suka deh sama foto yang depan kulkas soft-drink sama yang di eskalator

    • trisna

      terima kasih mbak… kok bisa samaan sama kakak saya yah.. suka photonya… πŸ˜›

  7. monda

    Emang kalau udah jodoh, ada aja caranya buat ketemu lagi ya, siapa sangka ternyata kawan lama. Selamat , semoga rukun, langgeng, sakinah, rahmah mawaddah.

    • trisna

      amieeeennn… thank you mondaaaa ^_________^

  8. Mel

    Waaah.. selamaaat yaa πŸ˜€
    moga langgeng sampe tua..
    suka banget sama riasannya.. Cantik..
    Orangnya memang cantik siih, hehehe

    • trisna

      makasii makasiii… pagi2 udah melayang nih dipuji… hihihi…

  9. Feisa Firmansyah

    hallooo Naaa, waaah kereen2 (baru mampir lg kemari)… selamet sekali lagi yaa! how’s the first month of marriage? hihihihi …

    well i always fascinated by a nice-sweet love story (and yours is one of it), by any coincidences of it… it seems like God have planned it very well in the way that we never thought. whaaa …

    semoga aku juga bisa deh kaya gitu .. *semangat* !!!

    • trisna

      First month of marriage? Whaaa.. What did u expect? It’s on ramadhan month yaaaaa.. πŸ˜† wkwkwkwk.. But am definitely in a trance of love and happiness.. πŸ˜€ without exaggerating.. I feel blessed and loved by The Almighty God Allah SWT πŸ™‚ alhamdulilah..

      Kalau buat fey sy doain biar cepet pet dapet yg terbaik yaaa.. Moga2 si mba winda nya mendengar.. hehehe…

  10. nh18

    Tris …
    I am smiling …
    from the very first letter of this post … down to the end …

    This is very nice

    May ALLAH bless both of you

    Salam saya

    • trisna

      Thank you very much… πŸ™‚

  11. yuni80

    Buat Mba’ Trisna selamat yaaa… semoga bahagia selalu… Amin
    btw mba’ trisna cantik banget wajahnya tuch mirip si- windy artis itu lhooo… beneran deh πŸ˜‰
    aku suka foto yang waktu akad nikah… kliatan klasik banget dan elegan… jadi pengen cepat2 nikah… Amin

    • trisna

      aah.. masa sih mba? paling bisa deh bikin saya senyum πŸ˜€ hehehehe… makasiih yaaa.. saya doain cepat menyusul… dan tentunya ditunggu ceritanya… πŸ˜€

  12. irfanandi

    lama tak berkunjung kemari, ternyata ada berita membahagiakan.. πŸ™‚ Selamat ya mbak, semoga menjadi keluarga yg penuh berkah,, πŸ˜‰

  13. agustinwardani

    wah… manis banget mbak.. Pengeeen πŸ™‚
    semoga bahagia selalu ya.. hihi

  14. Igo

    Selamat menikah ya mba and mas… seneng liat poto2-nya, ada yang lucu, serius, memancing untuk bertanya-tanya. Walopun ga pernah ketemu… tapi tuh poto-poto mempelai rasanya sudah gak asing.
    Selamat ya!

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